Embracing the New ~ Meditation by Orin and DaBen


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Embracing the New
Meditation by Orin and DaBen

I pay attention to all the energy
about me right now.
I feel the surface I am sitting or lying on.
I hear the sounds around me.
I feel my body.
I relax my body as I
bring my awareness to it.

I center my awareness
in the present moment,
the source of my power.
My mind is clear and alert.
My emotions are flowing and serene.

I focus upon my breath.
It moves through my body
bringing me life and energy.
I follow the flow of my breath.
I bring my breath all the way
down to my feet.

I feel new energy and aliveness
touching every part of my body
with every breath I take.

I picture my spine supple and flexible.
My spine reflects my open and
flexible attitude.

I am open to new people coming into my life.
I invite new ideas into my mind.
I am willing to experience more joy
and love than I ever imagined possible.
I picture the future being positive
and wonderful.

I ask now for anything that is not
for my higher good
to release itself from me.

I ask now for anything that
represents my higher good
to come to me now.

I embrace the new.
I release the old easily
when it is no longer part
of my path and purpose.

I am willing to see the world in new ways.
I look at many different viewpoints
and remain open to new perspectives.

I open to the wonder of the world
like a child.
I see the world through new eyes
every time I look at it.
I always see something beautiful.

I trust that the world is safe
and that it is always working
FOR me and WITH me. 

I release all my limits
and embrace the new.

I know that every day I am becoming
a more beautiful and perfect light.

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