Soul Love: Loving Yourself


Розе Небо

Soul Love: Loving Yourself
Meditation by Orin and DaBen

I pause for a moment
and experience my breath.
As I pay attention to my breath,
I grow quieter within.

I go inward to the world
of my inner being.
I allow feelings of serenity and peace
to flow through me.

I feel my body relaxing
and letting go,
as I continue to follow
on the rhythm of my breath.

As I go deeper within,
I feel the presence of my soul
surrounding me with its unconditional love.

I know I am perfect as I am.
I am a reflection of my soul’s light
in this reality.
At every moment I am becoming
an even more beautiful
and perfect light.

I open to receive my soul’s love for me.
It heals my past hurts.
It opens places within me,
that are waiting to know love.
My soul’s love awakens
my ability to love myself.

I think of an area
in which I do not
feel good about myself.

I let the warm light of my soul
shine through my heart center
to this area of my life.
I surround this issue
with the love of my soul.

I accept myself
for who I am in this area,
knowing that I am doing
the best I know how.

I release any feelings of self-pity.
I am in charge of my life.
I recognize my power
to create what I want.

I appreciate and love myself.
Today I do something special
just for me,
that affirms my worth,
and honors my being.

I thank and acknowledge
all the good things
I have in my life,
and thus increase them.

I put myself in places and situations
that honor me.
I release any situations or people
who do not.

I open to my soul’s love
that shines through
my heart center like a sun. 

It sends
and healing
to me and to others.

I recognize the goodness in others.
I forgive people if they are unable
to be loving and high.

I love and accept people
for who they are.
As I do, I grow in my ability
to love and accept myself
for who I am.

My soul and I are one.

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