There is nothing wrong with you

Friend, from the very beginning, you were not broken. You were not born into sin. You were not destined for the garbage heap. There was never anything fundamentally missing from your life. You just thought that there was. Others tried to convince you that you were not good enough, because they too felt not good … Продолжи со читање There is nothing wrong with you

How to take care of yourself

How can you take care of yourself? By taking care of yourself. Truly. Not the “taking a hot bath and have piece of chocolate because I deserve it” kind of care, but real care. Listening to your inner hurt, your small and big fears, your feelings of unworthiness and believing you are unlovable. Listening and … Продолжи со читање How to take care of yourself

Just to sit for a while

So nice sometimes to just sit for a while. In the garden.  Or somewhere quiet. In your own company. Letting go of all these small burdens that somehow settled on your shoulders. Letting go of roles you play, taking them a wee bit too serious. Letting go of it all. Perhaps it’s a women’s thing. … Продолжи со читање Just to sit for a while

My Thoughts Create My Reality

I sit quietly.   I adjust my posture so I feel comfortable. I allow myself to grow calm. I breathe slowly and evenly. I draw a slightly deeper breath than usual, a very easy, relaxing breath. I follow my calm, even breathing for a moment. My thoughts grow quieter as I do this. I release … Продолжи со читање My Thoughts Create My Reality

Knowing the Wisdom of the Heart

As I breathe in, I breathe in love. I draw in love  from everywhere in the universe. Love flows in through my breath. Love flows in to every part of my body carried on my breath. I open to receive love. My capacity for love is expanding. Every day I am becoming a more loving … Продолжи со читање Knowing the Wisdom of the Heart