Teaching Kids the Power of Kindness

Every holiday season, I look forward to Noomii’s Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar. It’s my secret to make the season brighter. When I consciously incorporate simple acts of kindness into each day, I feel great about myself and notice other people's' kindness to me - like when people hold the door open, say thank you, … Продолжи со читање Teaching Kids the Power of Kindness

Overcoming the seeking trap

We all have a yearning to feel deeply fulfilled in our lives. But one of the biggest traps I see my clients fall in to (and which I got caught up in myself for years) is looking for that fulfilment externally. When this happens, we get caught in the pattern of seeking things from the … Продолжи со читање Overcoming the seeking trap

Honour The Empty Space Between The Old & The New

  For the past few months I’ve had this strange sensation of feeling like I am suspended between two worlds. And while a big part of me has wanted to label and judge this experience has being bad or wrong, a deeper part of me understands exactly what is going on. The transformation process requires old … Продолжи со читање Honour The Empty Space Between The Old & The New

Јога часови – уписи


Soul Love: Loving Yourself

  Soul Love: Loving Yourself Meditation by Orin and DaBen I pause for a moment and experience my breath. As I pay attention to my breath, I grow quieter within. I go inward to the world of my inner being. I allow feelings of serenity and peace to flow through me. I feel my body … Продолжи со читање Soul Love: Loving Yourself