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What is mindfulness?

What are the benefits of mindfulness and how can we bring it into our daily lives and our yoga practice.   Research has shown that when we incorporate mindfulness practice into our day-to-day activities, it can help rewire or reshape our brain and improve the quality of our life experiences. Mindfulness is very easy to … Продолжи со читање What is mindfulness?

Release The Hustle: Shift From Stress & Force Into Ease & Flow

  When we feel overwhelmed and under pressure, or like there is too much to do and too much on our plate, our tendency is to speed up. Our breathing speeds up, our thinking speeds up, and our movement speed up. We disconnect from the flow and our natural rhythm, and we start to push and … Продолжи со читање Release The Hustle: Shift From Stress & Force Into Ease & Flow

Јога нидра (свесно јогиско спиење)/Длабока релаксација

        СМИРЕТЕ ГО УМОТ, ПОДОБРЕТЕ ГО СОНОТ, ОПУШТЕТЕ СЕ, ОДМОРЕТЕ СЕ, ОСВЕЖЕТЕ СЕ... Јога нидра или свесно јогиско спиење е процес при кој целокупниот систем на практикантот (телото, умот, емоциите, духот) постепено се воведува во состојба на длабоко смирување и баланс. Практикантот свесно ги следи систематичните вербални инструкции од страна на јога … Продолжи со читање Јога нидра (свесно јогиско спиење)/Длабока релаксација

Gentle and Restorative Yoga

  There are two categories of coping after a trauma: avoidant coping and active coping. As I touched on previously, avoidant coping means you avoid facing painful memories by minimizing the impact they had upon you, through emotional numbing, isolating your- self, and dissociating. Active coping, in contrast, means that you deal direct- ly with … Продолжи со читање Gentle and Restorative Yoga