Reconnect with Yourself

Reconnect with yourself Do you ever feel that you are living your life but somehow lost contact with who you really are?Do you ever wonder if you are doing what you truly love to do or that you are just hanging in there because...well, it seems ok enough? Stop and listen.... It can be challenging … Продолжи со читање Reconnect with Yourself

I am at the Center of Peace

I affirm the following: The outer world does not touch me. I am in charge of my own being. I guard my inner world, for it is there that I create. I do whatever I need to do to keep my inner world peaceful. My inner peace is essential for my health and well-being. I … Продолжи со читање I am at the Center of Peace

Убаво поминато “јога претпладне”

Raising Your Vibration

Raising Your Vibration Meditation by Orin and DaBen I allow my mind to grow quiet and serene. I am at peace right now. As I breathe in, I breathe in light. As I breathe out, I release anything that is not light within me. My emotions are growing quiet and still. My body is relaxed. … Продолжи со читање Raising Your Vibration

Too Busy to Relax

Too busy to relax, they say... complaints, excuses everyday They sound so weak, so stressed, so tired... a mundane world in which they're mired No time to sit and just be quiet... their mind's a rush of thought, a riot No chance they have to hear the sound... of nature's wonder all around Of birds … Продолжи со читање Too Busy to Relax