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Подари радост! Новогодишни честитки

    #Радувајсе Новогодишни честитки! За да стоплите нечие срце, да се заблагодарите, да посакате најубави желби! ✨✨✨ За убава, спокојна, исполнета со радости и љубов Нова 2020 година! Контакт: raduvajse@gmail.com | 075 782 071 *количините се ограничени #НовогодишниЧеститки #РадувајсеLifestyleAndCoaching #HolidayCards #NewYearsCards #Gifts #ChristmasCards  

Overcoming the seeking trap

We all have a yearning to feel deeply fulfilled in our lives. But one of the biggest traps I see my clients fall in to (and which I got caught up in myself for years) is looking for that fulfilment externally. When this happens, we get caught in the pattern of seeking things from the … Продолжи со читање Overcoming the seeking trap

Honour The Empty Space Between The Old & The New

  For the past few months I’ve had this strange sensation of feeling like I am suspended between two worlds. And while a big part of me has wanted to label and judge this experience has being bad or wrong, a deeper part of me understands exactly what is going on. The transformation process requires old … Продолжи со читање Honour The Empty Space Between The Old & The New

Dr. Brené Brown on Joy: It’s Terrifying

Feeling joyful sounds wonderful – something we all aspire to, every day… and yet according to Dr Brené Brown, author of Daring Greatly, many of us are terrified at the prospect of feeling joyful. How can this be? Joy feels good so why should we be afraid of it? In Dr Brown’s interview with Oprah, … Продолжи со читање Dr. Brené Brown on Joy: It’s Terrifying