Living Joy

  Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.” ~Unknown It’s the question we’re all trying to answer: What is happiness and how do we get it? We fill our lives with the busyness of searching for happiness in many things, yet it’s possible that the very … Продолжи со читање Living Joy

The joy of waiting

When you were young, you loved to dream and let go of dreams. Either way, you dwelled in the Now. When you got older, you started to take your dreams and goals way too seriously, and your happiness became bound up with the future, and the destination became more important than the journey. Dream about … Продолжи со читање The joy of waiting

Live Now: Just Do the Dishes!

  Become mindful of how often your conversations focus on the past or future. Be aware of the verbs you use: was, did, will, are going to, etc. To speak of the past in the present is to reawaken and recreate it fully in the present, if only in our minds, and then we are … Продолжи со читање Live Now: Just Do the Dishes!

Just to sit for a while

So nice sometimes to just sit for a while. In the garden.  Or somewhere quiet. In your own company. Letting go of all these small burdens that somehow settled on your shoulders. Letting go of roles you play, taking them a wee bit too serious. Letting go of it all. Perhaps it’s a women’s thing. … Продолжи со читање Just to sit for a while

Повисоки Вибрации

Измешајте ги или конзумирајте ги одделно следниве состојки за Повисоки Вибрации: + Бидете присутни во сегашниот миг. Бидете сведоци на она што се случува "сега". Научете техники кои ќе Ве дислоцираат од минатото и иднината и ќе Ве транспортираат во СЕГА. + Пронајдете извори од кои СЕКОЈДНЕВНО ќе црпите инспирација. Книга, природа, музика, танцување, готвење... … Продолжи со читање Повисоки Вибрации