Raising Your Vibration

Raising Your VibrationRaising Your Vibration
Meditation by Orin and DaBen

I allow my mind to grow quiet and serene.
I am at peace right now.
As I breathe in, I breathe in light.
As I breathe out,
I release anything that is not light within me.

My emotions are growing quiet and still.
My body is relaxed.
I take a moment to scan my body,
to adjust my posture,
and to put my body in a comfortable position.

I acknowledge all the love
I give to others, and
all the love I receive.

I forgive myself for my
and behaviors
that are still evolving within me. 

I am a loving being,
doing the best I know how
to love myself and others.

I love and accept my emotions.
I forgive myself for having emotions that
are not as evolved as I would like.
As I embrace and experience them,
they are free to change.

I love and accept my thoughts.
When I experience a negative thought,
I love it like a child
that does not yet know any better.
I add a positive thought next to it,
knowing that one positive thought
can cancel thousands of negative ones.

I imagine my heart as a star of light.
It is radiating love to every cell in my body.

I think of something I can do today
that is loving and nurturing to myself,
and I do it.

I think of something to do today
that is loving and nurturing to someone else,
and I do it.

Today I act with kindness.
I smile at people and spread goodwill.

I picture my heart as a shining star,
I let love radiate from me,
lifting and nurturing others
with my kindness.

I finish by spending a moment
sending love to several people
who come into my mind right now.

As I love others my
vibration increases.

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