Right Use of Will

MeditationI take a moment to breathe in light.
As I breathe out,
I send light out to the world.

I relax my body.
I feel the goodness and light
of the universe
flowing through me.
I open to experience
my oneness with all life.

I now affirm
that the universe is friendly,
and that it is always working for me
to assist me
in creating my higher good.

I release any need to push,
to struggle,
or to use force to create what I want.

I now take a moment to lift the energy
from my solar plexus center
located in an area around my navel
into my heart center.

As I do I release the need
to struggle or push.
I now use my wise,
loving will to create what I want.

I am confident.
I try out new solutions.
I look for new, better, more effective
ways to do things.
I find solutions and answers
that make everyone a winner.

I think of something I am doing,
and think of at least one better, easier,
and more loving way to do it.

I believe I can create
what I want
with ease.
I do so by waiting for the right time,
and I know when that time is.
I am patient.

I think of something
I want to happen,
I now affirm that
it will happen in the right time,
and in the best possible way.

I now create what I want
because I know what I want.
I create a vision of what I want.
I persistently and consistently
work toward achieving my goals.

I think of one goal I want to create that
is my highest goal right now.
I affirm that everyday
I will take one step to
manifest this goal.  

I listen to my wise will,
by doing the things I love to do.
I know as I do what I love,
I am creating with my wise will.

I do things only when
they feel right to do
and when I would love to do them.
In this way I am operating
from my wise will.

Before I decide to do something,
I get quiet and notice my feelings about doing it.
I ask myself before I take action,
“Do I really want to do this?
Does it call to my heart?
Does it seem joyful?
Is there something else I would rather do instead?”

Today, I stop before I do something and
sense if it feels right to do before I take action.

As I act from my wise will,
The universe works with me.
The things that come to me
are even better than I imagined. ~Orin&DaBen

{photo: madefromscratch.co.nz}

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