My Thoughts Create My Reality

My Thoughts Create my RealityI sit quietly.  
I adjust my posture so I feel comfortable.
I allow myself to grow calm.
I breathe slowly and evenly.
I draw a slightly deeper breath than usual,
a very easy, relaxing breath.
I follow my calm, even breathing for a moment.
My thoughts grow quieter as I do this.

I release any energies I do not want
I send them out to the Universe
to be transformed into light.
I put down all burdens
that are not mine to carry.
I call back to myself any of my energy
I have left scattered out in the Universe.

I am growing more confident, secure,
happy, and aware of my inner being.
My thoughts are positive.
My feelings are peaceful.

I call my soul to me.
I feel its loving presence all around me.
It fills my heart with love and forgiveness.
It releases past hurts.
My thoughts are growing more loving.
I feel peaceful.

I know my thoughts and feelings
create my reality.
I realize that the more
loving, joyful, and peaceful I feel,
the more wonderful a future
I can create for myself.

I deepen the state of peace
I feel right now.
I allow joyful thoughts and
emotions to flow through me.
It is as if a ray of light is
coming into my mind
and a note of joy is being played
throughout me.

I see new paths and options.
I am filling up with courage
and confidence.
I trust myself to make good decisions
and to create a good future for myself.
I know when I feel this way
my thoughts and feelings are positive
and draw good things to me.

I picture something I want.
I think of a thought I have had that
tells me I cannot have this.
I change this thought into a
thought that tells me I CAN have this.
This becomes my constant thought
and affirmation every time I think
of this area of my life.

I watch my thoughts.
Anytime I have a thought of something
I do not want,
I change it into a thought of what I DO want.
I feel the good feelings I will have
when this comes into my life.

I love my negative thoughts and feelings.
They are like small children
who do not know any better.
I replace them with positive thoughts and feelings.

I think of something I do not want.
I love this thought; I do not make it wrong.
I know this thought needs my love
and for me to teach it a higher way.
I put light around this thought
of what I do not want.
I imagine this outcome or event dissolving
into the light.

I now imagine
what I WANT in this area of my life.
I show my thoughts
a new way to be
in this area of my life.

I see myself receiving what I want
or something even better.
I trust that the universe is friendly
and that it is always working for
and with me.
My thoughts are positive and
they are creating a wonderful
life for me and for others I am around.

I think of a positive affirmation
for myself today.
I say it over and over,
knowing that as I think and affirm,
my thoughts are creating my new reality. ~Orin&DaBen


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