Choosing Your Reality: Creating Probable Futures

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Choosing Your Reality: Creating Probable Futures
Meditation by Orin and DaBen

With each breath in,
I affirm that I am the
creator of my life and circumstances.

I picture myself
at the helm of a ship.
The water is calm.
The sun is beautiful and the water sparkles.
I can see for all directions.

I see a path of golden light in front of me.
I know which direction to steer my ship.
The steering is effortless
and responds to my slightest touch.

I make slight corrections in my course
from moment to moment,
easily following my path
by sailing upon this golden path of light.
I feel the water spray upon my face
and the sun upon my body.

I feel joy and freedom
knowing that I am the captain of my ship.

Today I watch my thoughts,
knowing that they are creating my reality.
I pay attention to my feelings,
letting them pass through me,
listening to their messages,
and staying in a flowing, calm  state.
I choose how I want to feel and think.

I can create any reality I want;
there are no limits
to what I can have.

Tonight when I fall asleep
I will think of how I
want to feel when I awake.

I know I can choose
to feel however I want.
I awake feeling full of joy, refreshed,
and ready to create
a wonderful day.

As I wake up,
I picture my day ahead
filled with light and joy.

I send light and love to all the
people I will be with,
I imagine myself radiating light
through my words, actions,
decisions, and choices.

I now picture my life the way
I want it to be.
I allow this picture
or something even greater
to come into my life.

I am the creator of my reality,
Through my pictures, thoughts,
and feelings,
I am choosing my highest future.

I now picture:

An abundant future.
Myself surrounded by loving friends,
My heart filled with peace and compassion.
Living in the rhythm of joy
Fulfilling my full potential
Self-acceptance and self-love,
Peace and love in all my relationships,
(add your own pictures here)

I take a moment to connect with
my future self of one year from today.
I get quiet and listen to any messages
from my future self.

These messages may come as feelings,
guidance, or in other ways.
I receive energy from my future self,
allowing it to show me more about
my higher path and how to create it in my life.

I am creating my highest future
from moment to moment
with all my actions, words, and thoughts.
I choose my highest probable reality,
knowing that as I have the intent to do so,
I make this true in my life.

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