I am the Source: I Create My Reality


I am the Source: I Create My Reality
(Meditation by Orin and DaBen)

I relax my body as I breathe in,
sending the light of relaxation
to every part of my body.
I adjust my posture so that
I feel relaxed and comfortable.

I quiet my emotions.
I breathe in serenity and peace.
I release my concerns for the day,
and pay attention to my inner self.
This is my special time to go within
and to make contact with my inner being.

I go deeper and deeper within,
into the essence and core of my being.
My mind grows calm like a clear mountain lake,
reflecting the sun above.
I am in touch with the
sun of my higher self and soul,
shining down upon me.

My thoughts are becoming a reflection
of the higher light within me.

I think now of something I want,
that is for my higher good.

As I think of it,
I let my imagination expand
and imagine even more.

I take one negative thought that tells me
I can’t draw this thing to me,
and send love to this thought.
I hold this negative thought up
to the sun of my higher self and soul
and let it dissolve in the light.

In place of this old thought,
I create a new, positive thought of
why I CAN have this thing.

I hold this thought up to the
sun of my higher self and soul
and let them add their light and energy to
my having this thing.

I remember something I wanted that I created.
I reflect on what qualities drew this to me,
such as patience, persistence,
playfulness, trust, and so on.

I picture bringing the same qualities
to attracting this new thing.

I now imagine what it is like to have this new thing,
circumstance, or accomplishment in my life.
I create a clear picture of it in my mind.
I hold this picture steadily and
energize it often with my positive thoughts.
I believe I will have it.
I open to receive this
in whatever form it may come,
in whatever timing and in whatever way.

I affirm that I can create
whatever I can picture
that is for my higher good.

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