Soul Love


Soul Love
Meditation by Orin and DaBen

As I breathe in, I relax my body.
I imagine a golden light
coming down through
the top of my head,
filling my body with light.

This light moves down
through my body
and out through my feet
into the earth.

As it moves through my body,
old thoughts, beliefs, and
energies from others
are drawn out of me and
sent into the earth,
transformed into pure light.

I grow quiet within,
allowing serenity
and peace to fill me.
My mind is quiet and
open to receive
the light of my soul.

I become aware of my soul that is
surrounding me with its light and love.
My soul is filling my heart center
with its love.

Soul love is moving outward
from my heart center in waves.
I am radiant with soul love.

I sense my soul’s love
shining through me,
touching all life with love.

As soul love pours through me
I allow myself to feel
the serenity of my soul
which knows there is nothing to fear.
It knows that love is the most powerful
energy in the universe.  

I know the patience of soul love.
I now give permission to someone in my life
to grow and change in whatever way and
in whatever timing is best for him or her.

I open to experience
the harmony that my soul’s love creates
between me and everyone in my life.

Today I focus
on my oneness with others
and let the harmony
between myself and others grow.

I release my judgment of others
and focus instead on their strengths.
I see the good in others.
I acknowledge their divinity.

I offer my unconditional love to others
without needing anything in return.
I give love generously and freely,
knowing that all the love I give
makes more love available
to heal the world.

I think of a person to send love to.
I now radiate soul love to this person.

My love is a shining light
that lifts,
and heals
all who
come in contact with me.

I allow myself to love.
I am loved, accepted, and
connected to the greater whole of
which I am always a part.

~ Orin&DaBen

(photo: Lori Portka)

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